Snus Flavors

Snus is a moist form of tobacco. It is used orally and put between the lip and the gums. The snus comes in individual packets so that it is not messy to use. Snus is European in origin and at one time was used by the upper class of people. There are many flavors to snus and a person can shop to find the one that they like.


Mint is one of the most popular flavors for the snus. A person can get a strong mint or they can get ice mint. This will allow them to choose the intensity of the flavors and will add them to get some minty taste with the snus.

Limited Edition

There are some special snus products that hit the market now and then. They can be new flavors and they will only be available for a limited time. These flavors include cinnamon and even some loose snus.

Berry Flavors

Fruit and berry flavors are popular when it comes to snus. The tobacco flavor is not as intense and it will have a hint of sweetness. A person can select from popular flavors including cherry and strawberry. They can get to be a little sweet but some people like that.

Candy Flavors

There are some snus flavors that can taste like candy. They are very sweet. If a person is looking for their hint of sweetness and to satisfy a sweet craving this may work for them.


There are some flavors that will showcase the tobacco and they will give that taste that people are looking for. This can include the white portions and the regular portions of snus.

There are many options and flavors to snus. A person can find the flavor and the intensity they want when they are choosing this tobacco product.